A Daily Dose of Perspective

Life’s too short. It’s a phrase I find myself saying on occasion, but especially on two days during the year. 10 years ago Hanna Elizabeth Peterson moved to my town, and within seconds of meeting her she was one of my best friends. I spent a good year enjoying the company of her and her family, and to save you all from a rant, I’ll just say that that beautiful girl and her beautiful family deserved the world. Light followed them everywhere they went.

Yesterday, as it does every year, Hanna’s birthday passed. And yesterday, as it has for nine years, it passed without Hanna. This day, along with the anniversary of her death, is one of the two days out of the year when I find myself repeating over and over in my head that life’s too short, and wondering how someone who had such a pure and beautiful one only got to live it for 11 years.

Recently, especially after yesterday, I find myself questioning the phrase “life’s too short”. The use of the word ‘too’ is what throws me off. Yes, I believe that Hanna’s life came to an end way before it should have. And yes, I’m a firm believer in the idea that life is an amazing experience and for it to have to come to an end at any point in time feels cruel. But that’s reality. It does come to an end, and whether that’s at a young age or an older one depends on a person and the path they end up on. With this reality in mind, don’t let your day-to-day life be too short. I’m not saying you have to fly to Paris one day, and go sky diving the next. I’m saying don’t hold back. Don’t say ‘what if’ (if you can help it). Fill your day with inspiring people – the ones who make you happy, who make you think, and who keep you grounded. Do what you want every day. Whether that’s staying in for a Harry Potter movie marathon, or going on some sort of adventure. I don’t believe in a “wasted day”. A day spent on the couch is not wasted if that’s where you want to be. Fill each day with whatever it is you’d like to fill it with.

Life is short. That’s just a fact. Whether it’s 100 years or it’s 11 – one’s longer than the other, but both of them are short. The rest is up to you. It’s not about drawing up some big plan to make your life extravagant. It’s about each and every day, and the choices you make within them.


Life is short. Don’t let it be too short.

It doesn’t have to be.



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