Let Me Tell You About My Best Friends

I’m sure just about everyone reading this is thinking about how many times they’ve read a post written about some girl’s best friends. But her best friends are not my best friends. In fact they’re nothing like my best friends; they’re not even close.

I have the most perfectly imperfect group of best friends. We are all beautifully flawed, and each one of us in a different way. And because of this, because each one of them has a story to tell, they are superheroes. Superheroes never have every superpower – they all have one something that makes them special. Each of my best friends has a superpower unique to themselves, and that is why they are so incredibly exceptional.

I have a superhero who will let me be sad and tell me exactly what I need to hear all day long if I ask, but another who tells me when it’s time to get over myself, and makes me laugh like no one else can. I have a superhero who, without failure, knows exactly what I need to hear, and always says it, good or bad. I have another who tells me I’m right when I’m the furthest thing from it, and one whose loyalty and willingness to listen without judgement is unmatched. And at the end of the day, I have a group of people who I have no doubt would (and do) drop absolutely anything for me.

To my best friends (you know who you are): Thank you. I would not enjoy each day as I do nearly as much if it weren’t for every single one of you and each of your superpowers.

I adore you



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